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FAS Systems is a company located in the southeastern United States, we began utilizing GPS Tracking technology in the early 1990's.  Originally FAS Systems use GPS technology to track aircraft operating across the eastern United States.  As FAS has steadily grown over the years so has its customer an targeted industry base.  Today FAS provides a tired an true, simple to use yet reliable system of GPS tracking to a variety of industries all across North America.

Changed forever is the way we do business.  Fleet operators have more agencies than ever looking over their shoulders.  The Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security and even your insurance provider is making demands of your business. The FAStrac system of GPS tracking provides users with a cost effective and simple to use system, call us today.

product benefits

Increase revenue

Reduce labor cost

Reduce fleet operating cost

Eliminate moonlighting

Improve supervision

Improve customer service





Online access

Low cost

Setup landmarks

Setup restricted zones

Stop detail reports

Start/Stop reports

Mileage reports by state

Travel speeds






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Mission Statement

Where in the world......... are my personnel and vehicles?  How many times have you as a business owner or manager asked this very question.  At FAS Systems our goal is to provide an affordable Fleet Tracking and Monitoring system to help business to maximize their assets.

Press releases:

01 August 2007

Stolen delivery truck found

South Carolina police use companies fleet tracking system to recover stolen truck.  The driver unknowingly stole a truck from a quick stop store equipped with GPS tracking.  Police with directions from the companies headquarters in Alabama were able to track the truck and apprehend driver when he made a stop never alerting the driver and endangering other drives on the highway.      read more


03 Feb 2007


In Cab Routing, using the FAStrac system send to drivers in the filed individual service calls or send and entire route.    read more


What are our primary considerations when we develop FAStrac?

Ease of use...

Technology does not have to be difficult to use.  We believe a picture is worth a thousand words so why not create a system that allows the user to look a screen and know where a driver is located, which direction are they traveling and where have they been.  All without having to run a report and read this same information.

Real-time and Web based

Whether you use the FAStrac real-time software or your internet browser, locating your vehicles is as close as your computer or internet activated phone.

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