Thank-you for visiting our site.  Cost effective and simple is the best way to describe FAStrac system.  Our goal is to provide you with the most powerful GPS tracking system on the market allowing you can manage your vehicles and personnel more effectively. 

Dispatchers using the FAStrac system will immediately take control of your fleet, increasing production of your fleet and increasing customer satisfaction for the company.


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Map layers... customers, loading facilities, fueling points and more.
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Real-time meter reading
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  • Monitor vehicles in real-time
  • Reduce fuel cost
  • View all vehicles on a single screen
  • Increase productivity
  • Real-time meter reading, real-time data delivered to your office
  • Monitor events, PTO on/off, cargo door open/closed
  • Map layers, put your customers or places of interest on the map
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • 70 second updates
  • Custom vehicle names
  • Geo-fences
  • Reduce liability
  • Complete asset accountability

Important note:

The FAStrac system allows users to have the latest data on the vehicle updated to their maps automatically.  Dispatchers do not have to request a position report to find out where a vehicle is located, if the vehicle is in route to customer or headed back to the office.  The FAStrac system presents the data automatically and in a visual manner.  You have heard the adage a picture is worth a thousand words, well that is the principle upon which the FAStrac system works.


Note: Why purchase a system that takes weeks to install and even more weeks of training to implement. 

The FAStrac system is available to you in days installation can be handled locally and your office personnel will be operating the system in hours.

 Contact us today and start the process.

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