Getting Started





What's included:

  • FAStrac real-time software
  • Log Extractor reporting software
  • 70 second updates
  • Web access to fleet data

What's needed to get your fleet operational in days:

Company Name & Address: We will use this information to select the best carrier suited to your geographic region.

Vehicle types and numbers: We assign your company a fleet number and give you the ability to change the names of individual trucks.

Service & Purchase agreements: We complete these two forms and fax to you, once we receive these back from you we begin programming your units (approximately 30 minutes per unit) and arrange the installation in your area. 



Installation and operation:

Hardware installation: when possible we arrange professional installers to come to your location and install your units.  On some occasions you will have to carry your vehicle to one of our installers.

Software installation: One disk, 3 minutes.  Everything is set to auto-run simply insert CD and your vehicles will be visible on your computer screen in minutes.

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